Sunday, May 17, 2020

Super Stripes Pullover

This UFO finally came out of hibernation this year and joined the ranks of finished knits!  What an accomplishment!

I bought this as a knit kit on what used to be called Craftsy (now Bluprint) probably around 3 years ago.  I figured it would take me a few years to get it finished so I planned to knit it larger so my son could grown into it.

I started it fall of 2018 and made great progress initially.  Then once spring and then summer of 2019 arrived and the nice weather along with it, I put it down and it languished for the remainder of 2019.  I had gotten all completed except for one final sleeve.

It sat in my knitting basket in my living room sort of taunting me. It would whisper “remember when I was an exciting new project?” One day late winter 2020 in a moment of determination I finally picked it up and didn’t let myself take a day off until it was done: me, couch and lots of Netflix.

And I am thrilled with the finished product!  

 The best part of it is my son also loves it and gladly wears it all the time!

Now for the details of the yarn and pattern:

The pattern is free from Patons and it’s called Top Down Super Stripes.  Since I bought it in a kit I used the recommended Patons Astra acrylic yarn.

The acrylic is actually pretty nice for a synthetic.  It resists pilling pretty well and is also machine washable.  Being machine washable is super important for me with active and messy kids!

I used a US size 6 needle and I actually didn’t knit a gauge swatch. I’m lucky that I’m a rather loose knitter and my pullover ended up being more of a size 6 than a size 4.  It was foolish of me not to do the gauge swatch, but in the case it worked out.  Whew!

The pattern is knit top down in the round with M1’s to create a raglan sleeve.  Once the yoke reaches a certain length the sleeves are then divided and left live while the body of the pullover is completed. Then you go back and pick up the sleeves and knit them.

This is a perfect pattern for advanced beginners looking to branch out into a bigger an more challenging project.  The strip pattern is really fun and could easily be knit in other complimentary colors for so many great looks.

Now for some feedback on the pattern.

While the pattern itself and the stripe is straightforward I found myself frustrated with the jog for the color change.  Along the size of the sweater where the color changes I have an obvious jog in both the sleeves and the body of the sweater.  I’m not super happy with that.  I need to find a way to knit this so there isn’t a jog.

Another complaint I have is in the instruction for the sleeve.  It is not explicitly mentioned that the M1’s should go 1 each in the left and right direction at the marker.  This creates the “V” shape line that places the raglan sleeve.

Other than these 2 items I think the pattern is great and was really easy to knit.

Now on to finish the one for my daughter!

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