Monday, April 28, 2014

A cozy cowl for spring

 By the calendar it's officially spring, but here in Central Oregon it doesn't really feel like it yet. Typically it takes until late June or even July 4th to really start getting warm.  Especially in the mornings. Typically it's still below freezing.

So, I won't be putting away the wool sweaters and the hand-knits just yet.  After my last big sewing project I wanted something easier and mindless so I went with Annabella's Cowl.  It's a pattern from Churchmouse Teas and Yarns when I got to visit last Thanksgiving.

I strayed from the recommended yarn and used Berroco Flicker which is so nice and soft.  I ended up sizing up several sizes from the pattern recommendation and ended up at a 10.5 I think.   

I love the yarn and the pattern is so easy to knit.  I really perfected my knitting while not looking. I've been really practicing being able to look away while knitting plain stockinette and this cowl gave me plenty of practice.

It's so warm and cozy and since it's a nice neutral color, I've been wearing almost daily.  

I highly recommend this pattern and if you can make it up to Churchmouse to visit it's a great place!  Bainbridge Island is so quaint and fun.  I'm hoping to get back this summer.

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