Saturday, March 8, 2014

Albion Family-Jane

For my part of the Albion Family I made version 2 with the side seam pockets and hood.  The fabric is a thrifted and repurposed military surplus army pup tent waxed canvas.  It seemed like the perfect fabric for this type of coat.

For interest and to keep the military inspired style I put felled seam details on the front, sleeves and on the facings.

For the bias binding I used a quilting cotton print in bright colors that match the olive drab of the coat.  I think it adds some femininity to an otherwise unisex style coat.

The toggles and sleeve buttons are fashioned out of white-tail deer antlers hunted here in Central Oregon.

The hood was very useful on this blustery day for keeping my hair tamed a bit.  Can you see my pup behind me?  Does it look like I have a tail?

We went out for a little hike on one of our favorite trails in the Deschutes National Forest.  As my little girl gets older we hope to wear our matching Albions on many more adventures!

The Albions were perfect for our little adventure and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  You could see all 7 peaks of the cascades from north to south.  What a fantastic day!


  1. I cannot believe you made three coats! Amazing! I love the pink piping on your daughter's coat. What a cute addition. Your pictures are fantastic and your area of the country looks like a great place to live.

    1. Thank you so much! I really can't believe I pulled all 3 off either. It was definitely a labor of love and I completely relate to what you said about your emotions running the gamut while you were working on your Albion. Literal blood, sweat, and tears.