Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My take on everyone's favorite suit: The Bombshell from Closet Case Files

We managed to make our trek this month to the most fabulous camping spot in the world for a blissful week enjoying nature.  I was so pleased  to have completed this before we left so I could wear it.  Summer in Oregon is already winding down.  The morning air has a crisp chill and the days are getting shorter and shorter.  Before the long days are just memories of great times floating on the river and microbrews in the summer sun I want to show you my latest creation.  In case anyone doesn't already recognize this, it's the Bombshell Suit by Heather at Closet Case Files.  I used a large chevron print from Girl Charlee Fabrics.  I love the print but it ended up being rather sheer especially when wet so I'm not sure it was the best choice.  However, for lounging around and soaking in the final rays of summer it was just perfect and made me feel gorgeous!

If anyone told me I would be posting a picture of myself in a bathing suit online 5 months postpartum I would think they were crazy.  But here I am complete with an extra 20 pounds that doesn't seem to want to go anywhere soon.  This is a testament to really what a fabulous pattern this is.  I feel great and I think I look pretty good!  

The suit seems to hug my curves in a very flattering way and also doesn't accentuate my post baby belly too much.  As others have said it really is the "anti-bikini."  I love how I feel beautiful and curvaceous and also modest and covered.  I truly believe sexy does not mean one has to bare a lot of skin!

What a fantastic pattern!  I'm so pleased with myself for attempting a swimsuit and also for it actually turning out such that I am not embarrassed to wear it in public.

Time is so very sparse these days with my little girl.  I haven't even yet planned a fall sewing wardrobe.  I feel like I hardly finished the summer one.  I did buy a few more patterns from Sewaholic so the Minoru jacket is moving up on the list as well as finishing knitting that Central Park Hoodie.

Looking forward to fall.


  1. You look fabulous!!! I'm going for a quick beach trip in a couple of weeks and I am dreading putting on a swimsuit. I wouldn't be if I had a suit like this. Fantastic!

  2. I really love your choice of fabric and you look fabulous in your new suit! I am truly in awe of your rapidly growing skills and look forward to seeing more of your projects. Keep up the great work.