Friday, June 14, 2013

A new challenge: thoughts on the Sewaholic Thurlows and facing my own real body

Life is pretty happy new on the sewing front.  I finished my Sewaholic Alma and I am so thrilled with the result.   This is my first time with a Sewaholic pattern I must say it was so well drafted and the instructions were so well explained I was so impressed!  Tasia is a genius. I promise to get some pictures up of me modelling my Alma, which incidentally is my new favorite top, but I find it hard to get outside with the tripod.  In lieu of that I'm showing you a new project I'm starting.  I'm stepped out of my sewing comfort zone last night and began the Sewaholic Thurlows!  This is a scary project for me because it means sewing something that requires careful attention to fitting detail.  Fitting is really not my strong suit.  I never really know what to change and I'm so worried about making mistakes I just don't change anything, which results in a garment that doesn't really fit me perfectly even though I've sewn it myself.  Doesn't make any sense, does it?  One of the main things that draws me to sewing is the ability to make garments that fit and flatter, but I'm never really successful at that.  

I've decided the only way to get better is to practice, right?

So here is the beginnings of my Thurlow shorts muslin I started cutting last night.  

Another thing that makes this project so scary for me is facing the reality of my changed body after pregnancy.  I put on a fair amount of weight while pregnant and as a result clothing I used to wear is too small.  Especially pants and shorts.  I am working earnestly to lose the pregnancy weight, but it takes time and as a nursing Mom I want to do it healthily.  So, I need to face the fact that larger sizes are now required and I shouldn't run from that or my new body shape as I recover my figure from having a child.

With all that said I am owning and embracing my new size, which in the case of this pattern is between a 14 and 16.  I'm also hoping this new larger me is only temporary!  I'm cutting a 16 in this muslin and I hope to be able to adjust the fitting down to fit.

I love how sewing is making me be honest with myself and more comfortable about my own body.  I am naturally a pear shape and when I gain weight it's all on my lower half (legs, rear-end, hips.)  Even before I was pregnant and I was 30 pounds lighter and in great shape, I wasn't happy.  I always felt like there was more to improve.  As a new Mom I've decided I need to be easier on myself and my imperfections.  I think clothes that fit me well no matter my size are indeed better than chasing some unrealistic ideal.  So here we go on the Thurlows!

Also, I haven't been running as much these past weeks so instead of a trail running picture I'll leave you with a nice sunrise view from my deck.

Happy sewing!


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  1. Don't be too hard on your body! It just did something absolutely amazing!! I'm trying to practice what I preach as well. I took out my summer skirts the other day and tried them all on-- none of them fit :( Time to find some time to sew...