Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm back! New arrival, knitting, sewing, and trail running

Wow!  What a busy few months it has been.  The end of my third trimester hit me hard with fatigue and then my Little Princess decided to show herself 2 weeks early!  Labor was rough and I had 3 days of prodromal labor before the real thing started.  Both Hubs and I barely slept during that time and I still had another 30 hours of labor before she arrived.  I'm so glad she ended up here happy and healthy!

My husband had some medical issues right after Little Princess arrived that left me frazzled, despairing, and with no time to sew or much less blog.  I'd rather not go in to any details, but I can now gladly report all is well for our little family now so I can finally get back to the sewing and knitting projects.

My sweet Little Princess
Here's a photo of progress I've made on my Central Oregon Hoodie.  Late pregnancy is a great time for knitting.  The pattern is actually the Central Park Hoodie, but I renamed it since I live in Central Oregon.  I've got the back and left side complete and I'm working on the right side now.  I'm actually enjoying knitting this, but it sure is taking awhile!  

Back and left side of Central Oregon Hoodie

I also managed to make another incarnation of Simplicity 2406.  This started as a dress I was going to wear for my baby shower, but since my Little Princess decided to show herself early my baby shower never actually happened and it turned into a Mother's Day dress.  This dress actually has my best finish work to date and I'm pretty proud of it. This photo is pretty pathetic as I took it with my cell-phone.  I hope to get some better photos up of me actually modeling it soon.

Simplicity 2406

And I'm so happy to report that I'm back running on the trails.  I've missed that immensely and my pup is really happy to be back out there too.   It should help me to lose the 30 extra pounds I gained while pregnant as well! As a feature of my little blog I'll leave you with a nice photo from one of my trail runs with each post.  Here's one from today.  

Gorgeous day in Central Oregon

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. Already out running! Amazing! I'm so impressed. And your little princess is so stinkin' cute! Love babies with hair ;) And the prodromal labor-- I CANNOT imagine.

    1. My runs are super slow these days, but it helps me destress so it's almost essential. And I totally agree about babies with hair. Adorable. Thanks for the compliment. Baby Jane is so cute too!