Saturday, February 2, 2013

Miette Almost complete!

The Miette cardigan for my Sister has been completed, as far as the knitting goes, for nearly 2 months now!  I'm completely stalled on attaching the buttons.  I DID find the most beautiful wooden buttons, but I just can't find the right color grosgrain ribbon to attach to the button band.  Sometimes it really sucks living where you don't have access to good fabric and knitting supplies.  Sure, I can go run on thousands of miles of trails any old time in just minutes, but finding good fabric and notions???  Joann or Hancock are my choices!!  Total craft monstrosities.  And what's with all the stupid cartoon and PAC12 fleece?  Anyhow....

Here's the finished sweater just awaiting buttons.  I'm really happy with how it turned out and I feel like I became a much better and faster knitter by the end of it.

Here's me modelling it with my growing bump.  Even if it did have buttons I wouldn't be able to use them now!  Good thing this is a gift!

Speaking of trail running, I totally miss it.  Here's a nice shot from a run I did last summer.  Can't wait to hit the trails again after meeting my sweet little one!

These logs showed up on my trail one day.  No more soggy running shoes!

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