Thursday, February 28, 2013

Completed: Plum Maternity Anise

Finally, at long last, the Anise is complete!  This was the hardest sewing project that I've tackled to date and I learned so much.  I had never attempted anything tailored before this project and I really feel like I increased my skill level immensely with this.

Another thing I enjoyed about this project is how it made me slow down and pay attention to finishing details.  I've been guilty in the past about rushing through to complete a project without taking the time to ensure things are accurate.  In the end, I'm never happy with the result of that kind of work.
I purchased the Anise Companion for this jacket and it was invaluable as a resource to me.  There are so many great photos and explanations that helped me along.   

I apologize for my wayward hair.  It was so windy when I took these shots!

As for maternity alterations, I didn't really do much.  I cut a size 10, which is bigger than my pre-preganancy size so I would have ample room for my belly and then I did about a 1/2" narrow shoulder adjustment to account for the larger size not fitting on the top.  I'm pretty happy with out the fit came out considering a pregnant body is nearly impossible to fit!

New techniques for me on this jacket:

  • Bound buttonholes: These took me 8 hours to complete!  I spent an entire Saturday doing the 8 buttonholes.  In hindsight I actually messed up the windows on the facing too by using the wrong interfacing and also cutting the buttonhole fabric too close so my raw edges want to poke through on the facing side. Lessons learned!
  • Welt pockets: I found the welt pockets to be a thousand times easier than the bound buttonholes!  Maybe that is because they are larger and there is more fabric to work with.  I'm not sure, but I love the look and they were relatively easy to put in!
  • Inserting a lining: I had never made a lined garment before and I was shocked about how easy it really was.  Also, Bemberg Ambiance is pretty easy to work with, locally available, and feels really nice.
  • Catchstitch: I learned a new hand-stitch with this jacket and it is my new favorite.  The catchstitch is so handy!  I've since used it to hand-sew in a facing on a dress.  I love it!
It probably seems crazy to put in so much work on a jacket that won't fit me in a few months, but I'm viewing it as a learning experience.  I'm definitely making this again and will work on perfecting my little mistakes.