Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anise Sew Along and a Hello!

Fall is here in Central Oregon and as the days grow shorter, leaves start to turn, and I find my energy level falling due to pregnancy (13 weeks!) my thoughts and obsessions turn to autumn sewing projects.  When I came across this amazing and beautiful jacket pattern and sew along from Colette Patterns I knew it would be a perfect chance to learn some tailoring skills.  I have never sewn anything very fitted before.  Most of my sewing has been loose and easy dresses in knits that are very forgiving of the figure and require almost no fitting.  My hope is to make this in a large enough size that I can comfortably wear it for the Central Oregon winter while my belly is growing.

With the gracious help of Hubs I found a very nice matching rayon lining and these beautiful buttons for a plum color wool suiting I've had in my stash for nearly 10 years.  I purchased the PDF version of the Anise Pattern and also the Anise Companion. Pattern pasting and cutting has begun!  

Gorgeous Plum Wool Suiting and matching Rayon lining

I'm so excited to start this project and learn some fitting and tailoring skills.  I'm so exuberant that I've challenged myself to create and maintain this blog as a log for my project development and keep me accountable and motivated.  My plan is to use this space for details of my sewing projects with also a few knitting projects thrown in.  

Here's to lots of happy sewing!

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